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Topical Questions - 26th October 2015

Edward Saunders, a bright and promising student in my constituency, died tragically aged 18 of meningitis. Will my right hon. Friend make sure everything is done across Government to highlight, including in schools and higher education, the dangers to young adults of meningitis? When he was 11, Edward wrote a children’s book entitled “Robey and the Dentist”, which has now been published with all profits going to help raise awareness of meningitis and to treat it. Might I present my right hon. Friend with a copy at the Department to help raise the profile of this very worthwhile campaign?
— Dr Liam Fox (North Somerset)

Mail on Sunday - 6th September 2015

Main paper - page 70

Edward and I had three things in common: we went to the same school, we once shook each other by the hand, and we both dreamed of being writers. I urge you to buy this sweet, funny, gentle book and make Edward’s dream a reality.
— Ashley Pharoah , Writer of Life On Mars & Ashes To Ashes

Mail on Sunday - 28th June 2015

Event Magazine - Children's book of the week --

Edward’s charming prose and illustrations will appeal to younger readers and, combined with the remarkably grown-up moral at the heart of the story, this is a worthy tribute for a beloved boy.
— Mail on Sunday

BBC Breakfast + BBC 5 Live interview

This charming book has at its heart the kind of message both dentists and parents want to instil in children. In a Society obsessed with appearance, Robey and the dentist reminds us that our quest should be for healthy teeth and not white teeth. The fact that this simple message comes from an insightful 12 year old, makes it all the more refreshing. The story is perfect for bed-time reading.
— Claire Stevens, Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry and BSPD Spokesman

It’s hard to believe this charming tale for youngsters was written by an 11-year-old. Edward Saunders wrote the story as a piece of homework for a teacher who wanted his class to write something to read to his own child. Edward’s words have been illustrated by Suzi Hull of Hullo Creative ( and the result is a delightful book for parents to read to their children. As well as entertaining, it might just get across an important message: teeth which are clean and healthy are better for you than teeth which are sparkling white. Endorsed by the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry ( ) and published as a result of a successful crowd-funding initiative (£10k in a month), every purchase of the book helps build Edward’s legacy. He died from Meningitis in 2013 and the book is designed to live on as a memoriam to a talented young man and much loved son.
— Caroline Holland, PR & Media Consultant,